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Some Lesbians will wear certain Symbols as a way to identify themselves as lesbians. One such symbol is the Labrys, an ancient tool that was a double headed axe. Some lesbians may have it tattooed on their inner wrist while others may wear it as a pendant. The rainbow flag is a common symbol among the lesbian community these days, but it is also used by the gay bisexual and trans community as well. So many lesbians like a symbol that uniquely identifies with the lesbian lifestyle. The colours of the flag are designed to represent the diversity of the LGBT community. The flag is often carried in pride parades. Some lesbians wear rainbow flag earrings. The rainbow flag made its first public appearance at the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade on June 25, 1978.

Eight band Gay and Lesbian flag
Initial Gay and Lesbian flag with 8 bands.

There is also a lipstick lesbian pride flag for lipstick lesbians. Bright and multi-color it features it features seven lines of color with a lipstick in the top left corner. A blue star has often been associated with butch lesbians. The nautical star was often used during the 1940`s to the 1960`s, usually by Butch lesbians. They sometimes had it tattooed on their wrists and when needed used a watch band to hide it.

The giving of Violets as a symbol of love among lesbians was common from around 1910 to 1950. The tradition may have came from a poem in which Sappho writes about her and her lover wearing garlands of violets.


The Greek letter lambda which signifies unity under oppression was selected as a symbol in 1970 by the Gay Activists Alliance of New York.

Lambda Gay and Lesbian symbol
Lambda symbol of the Gay and Lesbian community.

There is evidence the term Lipstick Lesbian may have been around since the 1970`s. Lipstick Lesbian started to become widely used during the 1990`s. The term Lipstick Lesbian is used by many within the lesbian community to describe those lesbians that have feminine characteristics. They wear skirts and dresses, and makeup and lipstick. These days there is also a Lipstick Lesbian Flag.

Sappho of Lesbos
Sappho of Lesbos.

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